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Source package: gamescope
Version: 3.14.2-alt2
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Build time:  Apr 1, 2024, 02:16 PM in the task #344113
Category: System/X11
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License: BSD-2-Clause
Summary: SteamOS session compositing window manager
In an embedded session usecase, gamescope does the same thing as steamcompmgr,
but with less extra copies and latency:
*   It's getting game frames through Wayland by way of Xwayland,
    so there's no copy within X itself before it gets the frame.
*   It can use DRM/KMS to directly flip game frames to the screen,
    even when stretching or when notifications are up, removing another copy.
*   When it does need to composite with the GPU, it does so with async Vulkan
    compute, meaning you get to see your frame quick even if the game already
    has the GPU busy with the next frame.

It also runs on top of a regular desktop,
the 'nested' usecase steamcompmgr didn't support.
*   Because the game is running in its own personal Xwayland sandbox desktop,
    it can't interfere with your desktop and your desktop can't interfere with it.
*   You can spoof a virtual screen with a desired resolution and refresh rate
    as the only thing the game sees, and control/resize the output as needed.
    This can be useful in exotic display configurations like ultrawide
    or multi-monitor setups that involve rotation.

It runs on Mesa + AMD or Intel, and could be made to run
on other Mesa/DRM drivers with minimal work.
AMD requires Mesa 20.3+, Intel requires Mesa 21.2+.
Can support NVIDIA if/when they support
atomic KMS + accelerated Xwayland + Vulkan DMA-BUF extensions.
See for NVIDIA support state.

If running RadeonSI clients with older cards (GFX8 and below),
currently have to set R600_DEBUG=nodcc,
or corruption will be observed until the stack picks up DRM modifiers support.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
gamescope (x86_64)
gamescope-debuginfo (x86_64)

Maintainer: Mikhail Tergoev

Mikhail Tergoev

    1. cmake
    2. gcc-c++
    3. glslang-devel
    4. hwdata-devel
    5. libSDL2-devel
    6. libX11-devel
    7. libXcomposite-devel
    8. libXcursor-devel
    9. libXdamage-devel
    10. libXext-devel
    11. libXfixes-devel
    12. libXmu-devel
    13. libXrender-devel
    14. libXres-devel
    15. libXtst-devel
    16. libXxf86vm-devel
    17. libavif-devel
    18. libbenchmark-devel
    19. libcap-devel
    20. libdisplay-info-devel
    21. libdrm-devel
    22. libglm-devel
    23. libinput-devel
    24. libliftoff-devel
    25. libopenvr-devel
    26. libstb-devel
    27. libvulkan-devel
    28. libwayland-client-devel
    29. libwayland-server-devel
    30. libwlroots-devel
    31. libxkbcommon-devel
    32. meson
    33. pipewire-libs-devel
    34. rpm-macros-meson
    35. spirv-headers
    36. wayland-protocols

Last changed

March 18, 2024 Mikhail Tergoev 3.14.2-alt2
- Added support OpenVR.
- Used system spirv headers.
March 11, 2024 Mikhail Tergoev 3.14.2-alt1
- 3.14.2
Sept. 14, 2023 Mikhail Tergoev 3.12.5-alt1
- 3.12.5
- Revert to git.