Package installer-feature-apache2-indexhtml-stage3

Source package: installer-feature-apache2-indexhtml-stage3
Version: 0.1-alt6
Build time: Oct. 31, 2021, 4:42 a.m.
Category: System/Configuration/Other
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License: GPL
Summary: setup apache's userdir module
This package contains installer stage3 hook to setup
apache's default http/https pages.
List of rpms provided by this srpm:
installer-feature-apache2-indexhtml-stage3 (noarch)
Maintainer: Vitaly Kuznetsov
List of contributors:
Vitaly Kuznetsov
Stanislav Ievlev

ACL: @nobody
Last changes:
Oct. 26, 2009 Vitaly Kuznetsov 0.1-alt6
- fix typo
Oct. 26, 2009 Vitaly Kuznetsov 0.1-alt5
- add /documentation addon
Oct. 26, 2009 Vitaly Kuznetsov 0.1-alt4
- fix httpd2 startup

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