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Danger alert: Package removed from sisyphus repository

Removed in the task: #278592
Package removed: Andrey Cherepanov
Deletion date: July 17, 2021
Message: Remove orphaned obsolete FTBFS package (closes: #40421)
Source package: moodle-MySQL-tools
Version: 0.5-alt1
Build time:  May 8, 2019, 02:23 PM
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License: GPLv2+
Summary: Moodle MySQL configuration tools
Moodle MySQL configuration tools

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
moodle-MySQL-tools (noarch)

Maintainer: Aleksey Avdeev

List of contributors:
Aleksey Avdeev

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    3. rpm-macros-branch
    4. rpm-macros-moodle

Last changed

April 28, 2012 Aleksey Avdeev 0.5-alt1
- Fix handling of empty password in mt-MySQL-setdb
April 20, 2012 Aleksey Avdeev 0.4-alt1
- Fix options for:
  + mt-MySQL-checkdb
  + mt-MySQL-createdb
  + mt-MySQL-setdb
  + mt-MySQL-setdbuser
- Add new script mt-MySQL-newdbname
- Add new options for mt-MySQL-setdb:
  + --basedbname
  + --dbmoodleuser
  + --dbrootforce
March 6, 2012 Aleksey Avdeev 0.3-alt1
- Fix shell scripts