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    Source package: pcb2gcode
    Version: 2.5.0-alt1
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    Build time:  May 14, 2024, 12:38 AM in the task #347999
    Category: Engineering
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    License: GPLv3+
    Summary: Command-line software for the isolation, routing and drilling of PCBs
    pcb2gcode is a command-line software for the isolation, routing and drilling of
    PCBs. It takes Gerber files as input and it outputs gcode files, suitable for
    the milling of PCBs. It also includes an Autoleveller, useful for the automatic
    dynamic calibration of the milling depth.

    List of rpms provided by this srpm:
    pcb2gcode (x86_64, ppc64le, aarch64)
    pcb2gcode-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, aarch64)

    Maintainer: Anton Midyukov

    List of contributors:
    Anton Midyukov
    Aleksei Nikiforov

    Anton Midyukov

      1. boost-geometry-devel
      2. boost-program_options-devel
      3. gcc-c++
      4. pkgconfig(gdkmm-2.4) >= 2.8
      5. pkgconfig(glibmm-2.4) >= 2.8
      6. pkgconfig(libgerbv) >= 2.1.0
      7. pkgconfig(librsvg-2.0)

    Last changed

    Oct. 7, 2022 Anton Midyukov 2.5.0-alt1
    - new version 2.5.0
    Dec. 11, 2021 Anton Midyukov 2.4.0-alt3
    - add -I/usr/include/librsvg-2.0 to CXXFLAGS (fix FTBFS)
    Sept. 25, 2021 Anton Midyukov 2.4.0-alt2
    - add compiler flag '-std=c++14' (fix build with gcc-c++ >= 11)
    - ExcludeArch: i386 i486 i586 i686 i786 i886 i986 pentium2 pentium3 pentium4 k6 athlon athlon_xp arm armv3l armv4l armv5l armv5tel armv5tejl armv6l armv7l armv8l armh (tests fails)