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    Source package: piper
    Version: 0.7-alt4.gefa2712
    Latest version according to Repology
    Build time:  Jul 8, 2024, 10:43 PM in the task #352435
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    License: GPLv2
    Summary: GTK+ application to configure gaming mice using ratbagd
    Piper is a GTK+ application to configure gaming mice, using libratbag via
    ratbagd.  In order to run Piper, ratbagd has to be running (without it, you'll
    get to see a pretty mouse trap).

    List of rpms provided by this srpm:
    piper (noarch)

    Maintainer: Konstantin Lepikhov

    List of contributors:
    Konstantin Lepikhov

    Konstantin Lepikhov

      1. appstream
      2. gtk-update-icon-cache
      3. meson
      4. ratbagd >= 0.17-alt2
      5. python3-dev
      6. python3-module-evdev
      7. python3-module-flake8
      8. python3-module-lxml
      9. python3-module-pycairo
      10. python3-module-pygobject3-devel

    Last changed

    July 8, 2024 Konstantin Lepikhov 0.7-alt4.gefa2712
    - Fix FTBFS: added gtk-update-icon-cache BR.
    June 25, 2024 Konstantin Lepikhov 0.7-alt3.gefa2712
    - Bump ratbag requires due API change.
    June 25, 2024 Konstantin Lepikhov 0.7-alt2.gefa2712
    - 0.7-123-gefa2712.