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Source package: pspp
Version: 1.6.2-alt1.1
Build time:  Mar 17, 2023, 12:51 PM in the task #316870
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License: GPLv3+
Summary: A program for statistical analysis of sampled data.
GNU PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a free as
in freedom replacement for the proprietary program SPSS, and appears very
similar to it with a few exceptions.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
pspp (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
pspp-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)

Maintainer: Sergey V Turchin

Daniel Zagaynov

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    2. iconv
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Last changed

March 17, 2023 Sergey V Turchin 1.6.2-alt1.1
- NMU: update build requires
Feb. 28, 2023 Daniel Zagaynov 1.6.2-alt1
- Updated to 1.6.2
April 13, 2022 Daniel Zagaynov 1.4.1-alt1
- Recovered package for sisyphus.
- Updated to 1.4.1