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Removed in the quest: #235694
Package removed: Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy
Deletion date: Aug. 7, 2019
Message: trash_out
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Version: 4.0.1-alt2.dev0.git20150608.
Build time:  Apr 23, 2019, 07:06 AM in the task #227561
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License: ZPL
Summary: Local registries for zope component architecture
This package provides a local and persistent site manager
implementation, so that one can register local utilities and adapters.
It uses local adapter registries for its adapter and utility registry.
The module also provides some facilities to organize the local software
and ensures the correct behavior inside the ZODB.

List of rpms provided by this srpm: (x86_64, i586, aarch64) (x86_64, i586, aarch64) (x86_64, i586, aarch64) (x86_64, i586, aarch64)

    1. python-module-ZODB-tests
    2. python-module-setuptools
    3. python3-module-html5lib
    4. python3-module-pytest
    5. rpm-build-python3
    6. python-module-setuptools
    7. rpm-build-python3
    8. python-module-zope.component-tests
    9. python-module-zope.container-tests
    11. python-module-zope.traversing-tests
    12. python3-module-setuptools
    13. python3-module-zope.filerepresentation
    14. python3-module-zope.pagetemplate
    16. python3-module-zope.size
    17. python3-module-zope.testrunner

Last changed

Feb. 2, 2018 Stanislav Levin 4.0.1-alt2.dev0.git20150608.
- (NMU) Fix Requires and BuildRequires to python-setuptools
June 7, 2016 Ivan Zakharyaschev 4.0.1-alt2.dev0.git20150608.1.1.1
- (AUTO) subst_x86_64.
March 14, 2016 Ivan Zakharyaschev 4.0.1-alt2.dev0.git20150608.1.1
- (NMU) rebuild with rpm-build-python3-0.1.9
  (for common python3/site-packages/ and auto python3.3-ABI dep when needed)