Package python3-module-python-barcode

Source package: python3-module-python-barcode
Version: 0.13.1-alt1
Build time:  May 12, 2022, 05:28 AM
 in the task #299813
Category: Development/Python3
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License:  MIT
Summary:  Library to create Barcodes with Python
Library to create standard barcodes with Python. No external modules needed (optional PIL support included).
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python3-module-python-barcode (noarch)
Maintainer: Ilya Mashkin
List of contributors: 
Ilya Mashkin

ACL: Ilya Mashkin, @everybody
Last changes:
May 12, 2022 Ilya Mashkin 0.13.1-alt1
- Build for Sisyphus
Oct. 26, 2020 Steve Kowalik
- Update to 0.13.1:
  * Fix a crash when using the generate shortcut function.
  * Added support for transparent backgrounds. This is done by setting the
    mode option for a writer to RGBA.
  * Removed writer_options from barcode.get. This parameter was not used.
  * Add a with_doctype flag to SVGWriter. Set this to false to avoid including
    a DOCTYPE in the resulting SVG.
  * Add support for Pillow>=8.0.0.
May 20, 2020 Petr Gajdos
- %python3_only -> %python_alternative

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