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Source package: rr
Version: 5.7.0-alt1
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Build time:  Jan 20, 2024, 11:56 PM in the task #338488
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License: MIT and BSD and Apache-2.0
Summary: Record and Replay Framework
rr is a lightweight tool for recording, replaying and debugging execution
of applications (trees of processes and threads). Debugging extends gdb
with very efficient reverse-execution, which in combination with standard
gdb/x86 features like hardware data watchpoints, makes debugging much
more fun.

rr currently requires either:

- An Intel CPU with Nehalem (2010) or later microarchitecture.
- Certain AMD Zen or later processors.
- Certain AArch64 microarchitectures (e.g. ARM Neoverse N1 or the Apple
  Silicon M-series).

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
rr (x86_64, aarch64)
rr-checkinstall (x86_64, aarch64)
rr-debuginfo (x86_64, aarch64)
rr-testsuite (x86_64, aarch64)

Maintainer: Vitaly Chikunov

Vitaly Chikunov

    1. capnproto-devel
    2. cmake
    3. gcc-c++
    4. gdb
    5. python3-module-pexpect
    6. patchelf
    7. rpm-build-python
    8. rpm-build-python3
    9. zlib-devel
    10. rpm-macros-cmake

Last changed

Oct. 16, 2023 Vitaly Chikunov 5.7.0-alt1
- Update to 5.7.0 (2023-10-03).
- Testsuite should not have debuginfo stripped or separated.
- Install wiki (markdown) pages into %doc.
- spec: Add checkinstall package.
Oct. 1, 2023 Vitaly Chikunov 5.6.0-alt4
- Package testsuite.
July 16, 2023 Vitaly Chikunov 5.6.0-alt3
- Workaround ALT beekeeper rebuild failures (gcc13).