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Name: scdoc
Version: 1.11.2
Release: alt1
License: MIT
Summary: Tool for generating roff manual pages
Group: Development/Other

Source: %name-%version.tar

BuildRequires: gcc

scdoc is a tool designed to make the process of writing man pages more
friendly. It reads scdoc syntax from stdin and writes roff to stdout, suitable
for reading with man.


# Disable static linking
sed -i '/-static/d' Makefile

# Use INSTALL provided by the make_install macro
sed -i 's/\tinstall/\t$(INSTALL)/g' Makefile

%make_build PREFIX="%_prefix"

%make_install install \
	PREFIX="%buildroot%_prefix" \

%make check

# Not shipped in a -devel package since scdoc is a development tool not
# installed in a user runtime.

* Tue Feb 08 2022 Alexey Gladkov <> 1.11.2-alt1
- New version (1.11.2)

* Sat Jul 17 2021 Alexey Gladkov <> 1.11.1-alt1
- New version (1.11.1)

* Fri Mar 27 2020 Alexey Gladkov <> 1.10.1-alt1
- New version (1.10.1)

* Wed May 22 2019 Alexey Gladkov <> 1.9.4-alt1
- Initial build.
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