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Group :: Networking/Mail
Source RPM: thunderbird
Current version: 68.9.0-alt1
Built: 11 months ago
Rebuilt: 11 months ago
Size: 424 MB
Repocop status: skip
Home page:

License: MPL-2.0
Summary: Thunderbird is Mozilla's e-mail client

Thunderbird is Mozilla's next generation e-mail client.
Thunderbird makes emailing safer, faster and easier than
ever before and can also scale to meet the most sophisticated
organizational needs.
The package contains Lightning - an integrated calendar for Thunderbird.

Current maintainer: Andrey Cherepanov

List of contributors: ACL: List of rpms provided by this srpm:
  • rpm-build-thunderbird
  • thunderbird
  • thunderbird-enigmail
  • thunderbird-wayland
Recent changes (last three changelog entries):

2020-06-04 Andrey Cherepanov 68.9.0-alt1

    - New version (68.9.0).
    - Fixes:
      + CVE-2020-12399 Timing attack on DSA signatures in NSS library
      + CVE-2020-12405 Use-after-free in SharedWorkerService
      + CVE-2020-12406 JavaScript Type confusion with NativeTypes
      + CVE-2020-12410 Memory safety bugs fixed in Thunderbird 68.9.0
      + CVE-2020-12398 Security downgrade with IMAP STARTTLS leads to information leakage

2020-05-29 Andrey Cherepanov 68.8.1-alt2

    - Build with default llvm-devel in repository.
    - Fix rpm macros placement.

2020-05-23 Andrey Cherepanov 68.8.1-alt1

    - New version (68.8.1).
    - Fixes:
      + IMAP stability improvements
      + HTML tags in IRC topic changes were rendered incorrectly
      + MailExtensions: Websockets could not be used
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.