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    Source package: wxMaxima
    Version: 24.05.0-alt1
    Latest version according to Repology
    Build time:  May 18, 2024, 05:03 PM in the task #348420
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    License: GPL-2.0+
    Summary: GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima
    wxMaxima is a wxWidgets GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima.
    Since it is written with wxWidgets, it runs on multiple platforms
    in native widget sets.  Most of maxima functions are accessible through
    menus, some have dialogs.  The input line has command history (up-key,
    down-key) and completion based on previous input (tab-key).
    wxMaxima provides 2d formated display of maxima output.

    List of rpms provided by this srpm:
    wxMaxima (x86_64, i586, aarch64)
    wxMaxima-debuginfo (x86_64, i586, aarch64)

    Maintainer: Ilya Mashkin

      1. desktop-file-utils
      2. dos2unix
      3. doxygen
      4. gcc-c++
      5. GraphicsMagick
      6. ccache
      7. cmake
      8. libwxGTK3.2-devel
      9. libxml2-devel
      10. makeinfo
      11. po4a
      12. libappstream-glib
      13. rpm-build-ninja
      14. libgomp-devel
      15. libpango-devel
      16. zlib-devel

    Last changed

    May 18, 2024 Ilya Mashkin 24.05.0-alt1
    - 24.05.0
    April 28, 2024 Ilya Mashkin 24.02.2-alt2
    - Fix build
    April 13, 2024 Ilya Mashkin 24.02.2-alt1
    - 24.02.2