Package xscreensaver: Information

Source package: xscreensaver
Version: 5.45-alt2
Build time:  Jul 18, 2021, 12:15 AM in the task #279442
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License: BSD
Summary: A screen saver and locker for the X window system
A modular screen saver and locker for the X Window System.
Highly customizable: allows the use of any program that
can draw on the root window as a display mode.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
desktop-screensaver-modules-xscreensaver (noarch)
desktop-screensaver-modules-xscreensaver-gl (noarch)
rpm-build-xscreensaver (noarch)
xscreensaver (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-frontend (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-frontend-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-hacks (noarch)
xscreensaver-hacks-gl (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-hacks-gl-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-modules (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-modules-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-modules-gl (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)
xscreensaver-modules-gl-debuginfo (x86_64, ppc64le, i586, armh, aarch64)

Maintainer: Grigory Ustinov

Michael Shigorin

    1. bc
    2. imake
    3. libGLU-devel
    4. libXi-devel
    5. libXxf86misc-devel
    6. libgdk-pixbuf-xlib-devel
    7. libgtk+2-devel
    8. libgle-devel
    9. libjpeg-devel
    10. libpam-devel
    11. libsystemd-devel
    12. libxml2-devel
    13. libXinerama-devel
    14. xorg-cf-files
    15. intltool
    16. libXxf86vm-devel
    17. libXmu-devel
    18. libXpm-devel
    19. libXrandr-devel

Last changed

April 1, 2021 Grigory Ustinov 5.45-alt2
- Fix GPL license file path (Closes: #39505).
Dec. 16, 2020 Grigory Ustinov 5.45-alt1
- Build new version (new hacks covid19, headroom, sphereeversion and beats).
March 22, 2020 Grigory Ustinov 5.44-alt1
- Build new version (new hacks gibson, etruscanvenus and scooter).