Package libclapack: Information

Binary package: libclapack
Version: 3.2.1-alt2.E2K.3
Architecture: e2k
Build time:  Jun 15, 2022, 06:04 PM
Source package: clapack
Category: System/Libraries
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License: BSD 
Summary:  Shared library of CLAPACK
The CLAPACK library was built using a Fortran to C conversion utility
called f2c.  The entire Fortran 77 LAPACK library is run through f2c to
obtain C code, and then modified to improve readability.  CLAPACK's goal
is to provide LAPACK for someone who does not have access to a Fortran

This package contains shared library of CLAPACK.
Last changes:
June 11, 2022 Andrew Savchenko 3.2.1-alt2.E2K.3
- Use system libf2c-ng
June 6, 2022 Andrew Savchenko 3.2.1-alt2.E2K.2
- Disable xblas if Fortran is disabled: reduced xblas C-only
  implementation is not sufficient for clapack.
June 3, 2022 Andrew Savchenko 3.2.1-alt2.E2K.1
- Provide liblapack-devel subsitute.
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