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Binary package: qutebrowser
Version: 2.5.4-alt1
Architecture: noarch
Build time:  Mar 18, 2023, 02:07 AM
Source package: qutebrowser
Category: Networking/WWW
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License: GPLv3
Summary: A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and QtWebEngine
qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It's based on
Python, PyQt5 and QtWebEngine and free software, licensed under the GPL.
It was inspired by other browsers/addons like dwb and Vimperator/Pentadactyl.

Maintainer: Ilya Mashkin

List of contributors:
Ilya Mashkin
Sergey V Turchin

Last changed

March 18, 2023 Ilya Mashkin 2.5.4-alt1
- 2.5.4
Feb. 19, 2023 Ilya Mashkin 2.5.3-alt1
- 2.5.3
June 24, 2022 Ilya Mashkin 2.5.2-alt1
- 2.5.2