Maintainer Alexey Appolonov in the sisyphus_e2k branch: Bugs

Total bugs in all products:
6 (4 | 2)
36804NEWpelicanSisyphusnormalAlexey AppolonovMay 27, 2019FeedGenerator is needed to run Pelican
36583NEWcontrol++SisyphusenhancementDenis MedvedevApril 12, 2019Сontrol++ "hangs" on time-consuming operations
36492NEWlibcontrol++-develSisyphusnormalAlexey AppolonovApril 3, 2019Need MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0
35255NEWlua5.3Branch p8normalSergey Y. AfoninDec. 19, 2018Конфликт при обновлении с lua5-5.1.5-alt1
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