Package alterator-console: Specfile

Name: 	 alterator-console
Version: 0.1.3
Release: alt1

Packager: Andrey Cherepanov <>

Summary: Alterator module for emulate console
License: GPL
Group: 	 System/Configuration/Other

Source:  %name-%version.tar

BuildArch: noarch

Requires: alterator >= 4.10-alt6
Requires: alterator-sh-functions >= 0.3-alt1
Requires: alterator-l10n >= 2.0-alt1

BuildPreReq: alterator >= 4.10-alt6

Alterator module for emulate console. It allows to run any shell command
and to return result. It also allow to upload file to an server.

%setup -q




* Thu Oct 20 2016 Andrey Cherepanov <> 0.1.3-alt1
- Do not show this http module in alterator-browser-qt (ALT #32627)

* Wed Mar 12 2014 Andrey Cherepanov <> 0.1.2-alt1
- Reset TERM environment variable to prevent run of interactive program
- Remove attention message

* Mon Feb 24 2014 Andrey Cherepanov <> 0.1.1-alt1
- Add attention about interactive command using

* Fri Dec 20 2013 Andrey Cherepanov <> 0.1-alt1
- Initial release