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Mar 12, 2023, 05:20 PM
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Linux kernel C header files for use by glibc and other userspace software
This package includes the C header files that specify the interface
between the Linux kernel and userspace libraries and programs.
The header files define structures and constants that are needed for
building most standard programs and are also needed to build glibc.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
glibc-kernheaders (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
glibc-kernheaders-all (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-alpha (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-arc (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-arm (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-arm64 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-c6x (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-csky (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-e2k (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-generic (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-h8300 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-hexagon (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-ia64 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-m68k (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-microblaze (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-mips (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-nds32 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-nios2 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-openrisc (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-parisc (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-powerpc (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-riscv (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-s390 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-sh (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-sparc (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-unicore32 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-x86 (noarch)
glibc-kernheaders-xtensa (noarch)


    1. kernel-source-5.4 = 1.0.0
    2. rpm-build-kernel
    3. rsync

Last changed

March 9, 2023 Michael Shigorin 5.4-alt1.E2K.2
- fix ftbfs with lcc 1.26 based toolchain
Sept. 1, 2020 Andrew Savchenko 5.4-alt1.E2K.1
- Update to v5.4.
July 23, 2020 Andrew Savchenko 4.19-alt2.E2K.1
- Add E2K support.