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Source package: sisyphus
Version: 0.9.2-alt1
Build time:  Mar 24, 2018, 07:08 AM
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License: GPL
Summary: Helpers for Sisyphus
This package contains utilities to ease Sisyphus maintainance.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
sisyphus (noarch)

Maintainer: Dmitry V. Levin

Last changed

March 10, 2008 Alexey Tourbin 0.9.2-alt1
- sisyphus_gen_contents: include alternatives-like virtual paths
  into contents_index file (e.g. /usr/bin/xvt -> /usr/bin/xvt)
March 31, 2006 Alexey Gladkov 0.9.1-alt3
- Removed migration scripts: sisyphus_migration_hack, sisyphus_update_classic.
- config: Removed unused variables.
- Removed obsolete components:
  base, castle, junior, kernel, master, contrib, non-free.
- sisyphus_unpaired: Renamed --safe-index to --save-index.
Oct. 2, 2005 Alexey Gladkov 0.9.1-alt2
- sisyphus_movement: new program.
- sisyphus_cleanup_dups:
  + large reorganization;
  + --component removed;
- functions optimizations.