Package system-report: Information

    Binary package: system-report
    Version: 0.1.3-alt1
    Architecture: noarch
    Build time:  Dec 29, 2023, 10:33 AM
    Source package: system-report
    Category: System/Base
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    Summary: Collect hardware infomation for developers
    Collect hardware infomation for developers.

    Maintainer: Alexey Gladkov

    Last changed

    Dec. 28, 2023 Konstantin Lepikhov 0.1.3-alt1
    - Replace ddcprobe with ddcutil (fixes #48127).
    Dec. 28, 2023 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.2-alt1
    - Obtain:
      + OpenGL/Vulkan information.
      + OpenCL information.
      + Video acceleration capabilities.
    - Fix licence tag.
    Aug. 15, 2016 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.1-alt1
    - Not hardcode the path to utilities (ALT#32222)