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Source package: common-protos-ruby
Version: 20230122-alt1
Build time:  Sep 23, 2023, 08:20 PM
Category: Other
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License: Apache-2.0
Summary: Ruby protocol buffer classes generated
This repository is a home for the protocol buffer types which are common
dependencies throughout the Google API ecosystem, generated for Ruby. The
protobuf definitions for these generated Ruby classes are provided in the API
Common Protos repository.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
common-protos-ruby (noarch)
common-protos-ruby-devel (noarch)
gem-google-apps-script-type (noarch)
gem-google-cloud-common (noarch)
gem-googleapis-common-protos (noarch)
gem-googleapis-common-protos-types (noarch)
gem-grpc-google-iam-v1 (noarch)
google-apps-script-type-devel (noarch)
google-apps-script-type-doc (noarch)
google-cloud-common-devel (noarch)
google-cloud-common-doc (noarch)
googleapis-common-protos-devel (noarch)
googleapis-common-protos-doc (noarch)
googleapis-common-protos-types-devel (noarch)
googleapis-common-protos-types-doc (noarch)
grpc-google-iam-v1-devel (noarch)
grpc-google-iam-v1-doc (noarch)

List of contributors:
Pavel Skrylev

    1. rpm-build-ruby

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Jan. 26, 2023 Pavel Skrylev 20230122-alt1
- ^ 20210531 -> 20230122
May 31, 2021 Pavel Skrylev 20210531-alt1
- + packaged gem with Ruby Policy 2.0