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License: OFL
Summary: GFS Galatea, a 20th century Greek font family
GFS Galatea Bold revives in digital form an older hot metal typeface from the
1920a.'s, which can be found in older Greek type specimens named simply as FAT
type. The font was used as a bold companion of Didot Greek (Apla/Monotype 92).
It has many similarities with Didot Greek (I.I.I.I.) in design, but it differs in
its reduced stroke contrast, the use of a lunar lower case epsilon (reminiscent
of the similar epsilon in Porson Greek) and in sturdier stems and slab serifs.
An experimental projection of these characteristics to a lighter version has
led to the introduction of GFS Galatea Regular. The name Galatea is a tribute
to the author and feminist Galatea Kazantzakis (1881a..1962) as samples of the
typeface were found in several of her books.

Both typefaces were designed by George Triantafyllakos and are freely available
for use.

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