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Source package: gforth
Version: 0.7.3-alt6
Build time:  Dec 27, 2023, 08:34 PM
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License: GPLv3+
Summary: GNU implementation of the ANS Forth language
GNU Forth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth
language. It works nicely with the Emacs editor, offers some nice
features such as input completion and history, backtraces, a decompiler
and a powerful locals facility. Gforth combines traditional
implementation techniques with newer techniques for portability and
performance: its inner intnerpreter is direct threaded with several
optimizations, but you can also use a traditional-style indirect
threaded interpreter.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
emacs-mode-gforth (noarch)
emacs-mode-gforth-el (noarch)
gforth (loongarch64)
gforth-debuginfo (loongarch64)
gforth-doc-html (noarch)
gforth-doc-pdf (noarch)
gforth-doc-ps (noarch)
gforth-doc-txt (noarch)
gforth-info (noarch)

Maintainer: George V. Kouryachy

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Last changed

Dec. 27, 2023 George V. Kouryachy 0.7.3-alt6
- Fix build
Dec. 26, 2023 George V. Kouryachy 0.7.3-alt5
- Remove obsoleted dependency
May 19, 2022 George V. Kouryachy 0.7.3-alt4
- Eliminate .a files