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Source package: liblmdb
Version: 0.9.31-alt1
Build time:  Oct 4, 2023, 09:38 PM
Category: System/Libraries
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License: OLDAP-2.8
Summary: Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
Lighting Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB) is an ultra-fast, ultra-compact
key-value embedded data store developed for the OpenLDAP Project. It
uses memory-mapped files, so it has the read performance of a pure
in-memory database while still offering the persistence of standard
disk-based databases, and is only limited to the size of the virtual
address space, (it is not limited to the size of physical RAM).

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
liblmdb (loongarch64)
liblmdb-debuginfo (loongarch64)
liblmdb-devel (loongarch64)
lmdb-utils (loongarch64)
lmdb-utils-debuginfo (loongarch64)

Maintainer: Alexey Shabalin

Last changed

Oct. 4, 2023 Alexey Shabalin 0.9.31-alt1
- Updated to 0.9.31.
Sept. 13, 2022 Alexey Shabalin 0.9.29-alt1.1
- Build to sisyphus.
Sept. 2, 2021 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.9.29-alt1
- Updated to 0.9.29.