Package maliit-framework: Information

Source package: maliit-framework
Version: 2.3.0-alt1
Build time:  Oct 21, 2023, 07:32 PM
Category: System/Libraries
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License: LGPL-2.1-only
Summary: Maliit Input Method Framework
Core server and libraries for the Maliit Input Methods Framework

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
libmaliit-glib2 (loongarch64)
libmaliit-glib2-debuginfo (loongarch64)
libmaliit2 (loongarch64)
libmaliit2-debuginfo (loongarch64)
maliit-framework (loongarch64)
maliit-framework-debuginfo (loongarch64)
maliit-framework-devel (loongarch64)
maliit-framework-doc (noarch)

Maintainer: Sergey V Turchin

    1. libwayland-cursor-devel
    2. libwayland-egl-devel
    3. rpm-build-kf5
    4. doxygen
    5. graphviz
    6. cmake
    7. qt5-base-devel-static
    8. qt5-svg-devel
    9. qt5-wayland-devel
    10. wayland-protocols
    11. pkgconfig(xfixes)
    12. pkgconfig(xkbcommon)
    13. libgtk+3-devel

Last changed

Jan. 24, 2023 Sergey V Turchin 2.3.0-alt1
- new version
Jan. 12, 2022 Sergey V Turchin 2.1.1-alt1
- new version
Nov. 18, 2021 Sergey V Turchin 2.0.0-alt3
- don't package xinput config