Package python3-module-threadpoolctl: Specfile

%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1
%define pypi_name threadpoolctl
%define mod_name %pypi_name

%def_with check

Name: python3-module-%pypi_name
Version: 3.4.0
Release: alt1
Summary: Thread-pool Controls
License: BSD-3-Clause
Group: Development/Python3
BuildArch: noarch
Source: %name-%version.tar
Source1: %pyproject_deps_config_name
BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-pyproject
%if_with check

Python helpers to limit the number of threads used in the threadpool-backed
of common native libraries used for scientific computing and data science
(e.g. BLAS and OpenMP).

Fine control of the underlying thread-pool size can be useful in workloads
that involve nested parallelism so as to mitigate oversubscription issues.

%if_with check
%pyproject_deps_resync_check_pipreqfile dev-requirements.txt



%pyproject_run_pytest -ra

%python3_sitelibdir/%{pyproject_distinfo %pypi_name}/

* Thu Mar 21 2024 Stanislav Levin <> 3.4.0-alt1
- 3.1.0 -> 3.4.0.

* Wed Mar 02 2022 Stanislav Levin <> 3.1.0-alt1
- 2.2.0 -> 3.1.0.

* Tue Aug 24 2021 Aleksei Nikiforov <> 2.2.0-alt1
- Updated to upstream version 2.2.0.
- Enabled tests.

* Sat Jul 17 2021 Michael Shigorin <> 2.1.0-alt2
- added explicit BR: python3-module-pip

* Mon Aug 10 2020 Aleksei Nikiforov <> 2.1.0-alt1
- Initial build for ALT.