About repository sisyphus_mipsel

The sisyphus_mipsel repository is a Sisyphus port for the mipsel architecture, o32 ABI (mips32r2, to be more precise), acting as the common denominator of P5600 (BE-T1000, previously known as Baikal-ΠΆ1) and Loongson III [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loongson.]] Packages are built using a separate build system similar to git.altlinux.org. Systems based on Loongson 3A are used as build nodes.

The "catch-up build system" builds packages the following way: as soon as a task gets into the main Sisyphus repository, a special robot creates a similar task in the sisyphus_mipsel repository. This means that there are no specific actions required to build a package for mipsel, as the package just has to be built in Sisyphus.

Support start date: March 1, 2018