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Source package: GraphicsMagick
Version: 1.3.38-alt1
Build time:  Apr 25, 2022, 05:49 PM
Category: Graphics
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License: MIT 
Summary:  An X application for displaying and manipulating images
GraphicsMagick provides a powerful image manipulation and translation
utility. It is capable of displaying still images and animations using
the X Window system, provides a simple interface for interactively
editing images, and is capable of importing selected windows or the
entire desktop. GraphicsMagick can read and write over 88 image
formats, including JPEG, TIFF, WMF, SVG, PNG, PNM, GIF, and Photo CD.
It can resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to
the image and save the result to any supported format. GraphicsMagick
may be used to create animated or transparent .gifs, create composite
images, create thumbnail images, and much, much, more.
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
GraphicsMagick (mipsel)
GraphicsMagick-ImageMagick-compat (noarch)
GraphicsMagick-common (noarch)
GraphicsMagick-debuginfo (mipsel)
GraphicsMagick-doc (noarch)
GraphicsMagick-nox (mipsel)
GraphicsMagick-nox-debuginfo (mipsel)
libGraphicsMagick (mipsel)
libGraphicsMagick-c++ (mipsel)
libGraphicsMagick-c++-debuginfo (mipsel)
libGraphicsMagick-c++-devel (mipsel)
libGraphicsMagick-debuginfo (mipsel)
libGraphicsMagick-devel (mipsel)
perl-GraphicsMagick (mipsel)
perl-GraphicsMagick-debuginfo (mipsel)
perl-GraphicsMagick-demo (noarch)
Last changes:
April 25, 2022 Sergey Bolshakov 1.3.38-alt1
- 1.3.38 released
Feb. 7, 2022 Sergey Bolshakov 1.3.37-alt1
- 1.3.37 released
Aug. 30, 2021 Sergey Bolshakov 1.3.36-alt2
- devel-static subpackage dropped
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