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Source package: arping2
Version: 2.24-alt1
Build time:  Jan 29, 2024, 10:54 PM
Category: Networking/Other
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License: GPL
Summary: Layer2 Ethernet pinger
Arping is an utility to find out whether a specific IP address
on the LAN is 'taken' and what MAC address owns it.

Sure, you *could* just use 'ping' to find out if it's taken and
even if the computer blocks ping (and everything else) you still
get an entry in your ARP cache.

But what if you aren't on a routable net? Or the host blocks ping
(all ICMP even)?  Then you're screwed. Or you use arping.
Which might not yield realistic result as well.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
arping2 (mipsel)
arping2-debuginfo (mipsel)

Maintainer: Michael Shigorin

List of contributors:
Michael Shigorin

    1. libnet2-devel
    2. libpcap-devel

Last changed

Jan. 1, 2024 Michael Shigorin 2.24-alt1
- new version (watch file uupdate)
March 8, 2022 Michael Shigorin 2.23-alt1
- new version (watch file uupdate)
June 29, 2021 Michael Shigorin 2.22-alt1
- new version (watch file uupdate)