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Source package: emacs26
Version: 26.3-alt13.0.mips1
Build time:  Mar 15, 2021, 04:00 PM
Category: Editors
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License: GPLv3+ 
Summary:  GNU Emacs text editor
Emacs is an extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time
display editor.  Emacs contains special code editing features, an
extension language (Emacs Lisp), and the capability to read mail, news
and more without leaving the editor.

This package includes things you need to run the Emacs editor, so you
need to install this package if you intend to use Emacs.  You also
need to install the actual Emacs program package (emacs26-nox or
emacs26-X11).  Install emacs26-nox if you are not going to use the X
Window System; install emacs26-X11 if you will be using X.
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
emacs26-X11 (noarch)
emacs26-X11-athena (mipsel)
emacs26-X11-athena-debuginfo (mipsel)
emacs26-X11-gtk (mipsel)
emacs26-X11-gtk-debuginfo (mipsel)
emacs26-X11-gtk3 (mipsel)
emacs26-X11-gtk3-debuginfo (mipsel)
emacs26-X11-motif (mipsel)
emacs26-X11-motif-debuginfo (mipsel)
emacs26-cedet (noarch)
emacs26-cedet-el (noarch)
emacs26-common (mipsel)
emacs26-common-debuginfo (mipsel)
emacs26-devel (mipsel)
emacs26-el (noarch)
emacs26-elisp-manual (noarch)
emacs26-erc (noarch)
emacs26-erc-el (noarch)
emacs26-gnus (noarch)
emacs26-gnus-el (noarch)
emacs26-info (noarch)
emacs26-leim (noarch)
emacs26-leim-el (noarch)
emacs26-nox (mipsel)
emacs26-nox-debuginfo (mipsel)
emacs26-nxml-mode (noarch)
emacs26-nxml-mode-el (noarch)
emacs26-speedbar (noarch)
emacs26-tramp (noarch)
emacs26-tramp-el (noarch)
Last changes:
March 15, 2021 Ivan A. Melnikov 26.3-alt13.0.mips1
- Build on mipsel
Nov. 12, 2020 Igor Vlasenko 26.3-alt13
- NMU: added Requires: on emacs-base-X11 (closes: #39029)
Nov. 24, 2019 Evgenii Terechkov 26.3-alt12
- Build without python(2)
- Update License: tag
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