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Version: 3.602-alt1_4
Build time:  Feb 17, 2022, 08:29 AM
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License: OFL
Summary: Cormorant, a display serif font family inspired by the Garamond heritage

Cormorant is an original design for an extravagant display serif font family
inspired by the Garamond heritage, hand-drawn and produced by Catharsis Fonts.
While traditional Garamond cuts make for exquisite reading at book sizes, they
appear clumpy and inelegant at larger sizes. The design goal of Cormorant was
to distill the aesthetic essence of Garamond, unfetter it from the limitations
of metal printing, and allow it to bloom into its natural refined form at high

Cormorant is characterized by scandalously small counters, razor-sharp serifs,
dangerously smooth curves, and flamboyantly tall accents. While many
implementations of Garamond at small optical sizes already exist (including the
open-sourced EB Garamond by Georg Duffner), Cormorant aims for the sparsely
populated niche of display-size counterparts that exploit the high resolution
of contemporary screens and print media to the fullest.

Cormorant is made for large sizes; the larger, the better. However, it works
well as a text face in high-resolution environments.

Cormorant is a native 21st-century typeface making ample use of OpenType
technology. Some OpenType features are applied automatically while you type,
subtly improving the flow of the text. This includes kerning, standard
ligatures, and contextual alternates. Other features are intended to be
activated manually by the user, such as discretionary ligatures, stylistic
alternates, small capitals, and alternate figure sets.

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fonts-otf-catharsis-cormorant (noarch)
fonts-otf-catharsis-cormorant-all (noarch)
fonts-otf-catharsis-cormorant-doc (noarch)
fonts-otf-catharsis-cormorant-garamond (noarch)
fonts-otf-catharsis-cormorant-infant (noarch)
fonts-otf-catharsis-cormorant-unicase (noarch)
fonts-otf-catharsis-cormorant-upright (noarch)

Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko

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Igor Vlasenko

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