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Source package: gem-equatable
Version: 0.7.0-alt1
Build time:  Sep 5, 2021, 09:13 AM
Category: Development/Ruby
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License: MIT
Summary: Allows ruby objects to implement equality comparison and inspection methods
By including this module, a class indicates that its instances have explicit
general contracts for hash, == and eql? methods. Specifically eql? contract
requires that it implements an equivalence relation. By default each instance of
the class is equal only to itself. This is a right behaviour when you have
distinct objects. However, it is the responsibility of any class to clearly
define their equality. Failure to do so may prevent instances to behave as
expected when for instance Array#uniq is invoked or when they are used as Hash

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
gem-equatable (noarch)
gem-equatable-devel (noarch)
gem-equatable-doc (noarch)

List of contributors:
Pavel Skrylev

    1. gem(rake) >= 0
    2. gem(rspec) >= 3.0
    3. gem(rspec) < 4
    4. rpm-build-ruby

Last changed

Sept. 2, 2021 Pavel Skrylev 0.7.0-alt1
- ^ 0.6.1 -> 0.7.0
Sept. 11, 2019 Pavel Skrylev 0.6.1-alt1.1
- ! spec according to changelog rules
Aug. 8, 2019 Pavel Skrylev 0.6.1-alt1
- + packaged gem with usage Ruby Policy 2.0