Package llvm-common: Information

Source package: llvm-common
Version: 12.0.0-alt3
Build time:  Mar 3, 2022, 01:41 PM
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License: Apache-2.0 with LLVM-exception
Summary: Common directories, symlinks and tool selection for LLVM
This package contains common symlinks, directories and selection
utility for LLVM.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
clang (noarch)
clang-devel (mipsel)
clang-devel-static (mipsel)
clang-tools (noarch)
clangd (noarch)
lld (noarch)
lld-devel (mipsel)
lldb (noarch)
llvm (noarch)
llvm-common (mipsel)
llvm-common-checkinstall (noarch)
llvm-common-debuginfo (mipsel)
llvm-devel (mipsel)
llvm-devel-static (mipsel)
rpm-macros-llvm-common (noarch)

Maintainer: Arseny Maslennikov

Last changed

Jan. 25, 2022 Arseny Maslennikov 12.0.0-alt3
- llvm-common.env: Fixed extra quotes. (closes: 41796)
Aug. 20, 2021 Arseny Maslennikov 12.0.0-alt2
- Added %set_llvm_version.
Aug. 11, 2021 Arseny Maslennikov 12.0.0-alt1
- Made LLVM 12 the default.
- For each package in the llvm-common-* family, replaced it with its provide.
  The old name is retained as a provide for compatibility.