Package python3-module-zope.fixers: Information

Source package: python3-module-zope.fixers
Version: 1.1.2-alt2
Build time:  Dec 18, 2019, 11:13 PM
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License: ZPL
Summary: 2to3 fixers for Zope
Fixers for Zope Component Architecture and the frameworks built with it.

Currently, there is only one fixer, fix_implements. This fixer will
change all uses of implements(IFoo) in a class body to the class
decorator @implementer(IFoo), which is the most likely Python 3 syntax
for zope.interfaces implements statements.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
python3-module-zope.fixers (mipsel)
python3-module-zope.fixers-tests (mipsel)

Maintainer: Andrey Bychkov

    1. python3-module-setuptools
    2. rpm-build-python3

Last changed

Nov. 28, 2019 Andrey Bychkov 1.1.2-alt2
- python2 disabled
April 30, 2019 Grigory Ustinov 1.1.2-alt1.2
- Rebuild with python3.7.
June 6, 2016 Ivan Zakharyaschev 1.1.2-alt1.1.1.1
- (AUTO) subst_x86_64.