Package simpletest: Specfile

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%def_enable profile
%ifarch %e2k
%def_enable m32

Name:     simpletest
Version:  8
Release:  alt3

Summary:  Simple toolchain test
License:  GPL-3
Group:    Other

Packager: Andrew Savchenko <>

Source:   %name-%version.tar

BuildRequires: gcc-c++ gcc-fortran libgfortran-devel libgomp-devel
%ifarch %e2k
%if_enabled m32
BuildRequires: e2k32-gcc e2k32-gcc-c++
# For lib.req (and debuginfo etc.) to work properly:
BuildPreReq: e2k32-glibc
# Work-around lib.req not knowing that lib32 is in our default search path.
# TODO: change lib.req to get the idea of the default search path
# from the corresponding interpreter.
%filter_from_requires \:/lib.*\( = \|(\): s:^\(/usr\)\?/lib32/::
%if_enabled profile
BuildRequires: lcc1.23 >= 1.23.20-alt5
#ifarch x86_64
#if_enabled m32
#BuildRequires: i586-gcc9 i586-gcc9-c++

Simple suit for testing basic runtime toolchain functionality:
- build chroot installability;
- C/C++/Fortran base testing (compiles & works);
- OpenMP tests for both C and Fortran (C++ OpenMP is the same as C);
- profiler testing.

Also provides useful information about system:
- running CPU version and architecture;
- active instruction set, bitness, optlevel;
- uname information;
- effective compiler version and supported standards.


%configure \
    %{subst_enable m32} \
    %{subst_enable profile}


%make check



* Fri Jan 17 2020 Andrew Savchenko <> 8-alt3
- Use subst_enable macro.

* Sat Jan 11 2020 Andrew Savchenko <> 8-alt2
- Update summary
- Fix macro type, thanks ldv@ for noticing.

* Sat Jan 11 2020 Andrew Savchenko <> 8-alt1
- Add gcc support.
- Disable m32 tests for non-e2k arches. It can be used on x86_64,
  but outside of build infra, since x86_64-i586 is a separate arepo
  generated repository.
- Refactor build system, add configure.
- Install 32-bit binaries on e2k and docs.

* Thu Nov 21 2019 Andrew Savchenko <> 7-alt1
- Add profiler testing (eprof).
- Refactoring.

* Thu Nov 07 2019 Andrew Savchenko <> 6-alt1
- Add libgfortran-devel dummy dependency to check libgfortran installability.

* Mon Jul 01 2019 Andrew Savchenko <> 5-alt1
- Add CPU model and arch run-time information.

* Wed Feb 13 2019 Andrew Savchenko <> 4-alt1
- Add 32-bit C and C++ tests.

* Tue Dec 18 2018 Andrew Savchenko <> 3-alt1
- Extend compiler and language standard information.
- Add OpenMP C and Fortran checks.
- Add run-time tests.

* Fri Nov 15 2018 Andrew Savchenko <> 2-alt2
- Use flags properly (they are not exported by rpm by default)

* Fri Nov 15 2018 Andrew Savchenko <> 2-alt1
- Add C++ and Fortran tests.

* Wed Mar 21 2018 Andrew Savchenko <> 1-alt1
- Initial release.
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