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Source package: tbb
Version: 2020.3-alt2
Build time:  Jun 12, 2023, 12:47 PM
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License: Apache-2.0
Summary: Threading Building Blocks
Threading Building Blocks offers a rich and complete approach to
expressing parallelism in a C++ program. It is a library that helps you
leverage multi-core processors for performance and scalability without
having to be a threading expert.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
libtbb (mipsel)
libtbb-debuginfo (mipsel)
python3-module-tbb (mipsel)
python3-module-tbb-debuginfo (mipsel)
tbb-devel (mipsel)
tbb-docs (noarch)
tbb-examples (noarch)

Maintainer: Ilya Kurdyukov

    1. python3-devel
    2. python3-module-setuptools
    3. gcc-c++
    4. rpm-build-python3
    5. swig

Last changed

Aug. 16, 2020 Ilya Kurdyukov 2020.3-alt2
- Added patch with Elbrus support.
Aug. 7, 2020 Aleksei Nikiforov 2020.3-alt1
- Updated to upstream version 2020.3.
April 8, 2020 Aleksei Nikiforov 2020.2-alt1
- Updated to upstream version 2020.2.