Package libsystemd-devel: Information

Binary package: libsystemd-devel
Version: 251.4-alt1
Architecture: riscv64
Build time:  Sep 6, 2022, 03:48 AM
Source package: systemd
Category: Development/C
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License: LGPLv2+ and MIT 
Summary:  Development headers for systemd Library
The libsystemd library provides a reference implementation of various
APIs for new-style daemons, as implemented by the systemd init system.
Last changes:
Sept. 2, 2022 Alexey Shabalin 1:251.4-alt1
- 251.4.
- add group sgx (ALT #41661).
Aug. 11, 2022 Oleg Solovyov 1:249.12-alt3
- backport oomd commit from upstream (d784a8d)
May 6, 2022 Alexey Shabalin 1:249.12-alt2
- Backport fixes nspawn.
- Don't enable audit by default.
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