Package python-modules: Information

Binary package: python-modules
Version: 2.7.18-alt10
Architecture: riscv64
Build time:  Jun 20, 2022, 12:19 PM
Source package: python
Category: Development/Python
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License: Python-2.0 
Summary:  Standard python modules
The Python programming language's interpreter can be extended with
dynamically loaded extensions and can be embedded in other programs.
This package contains the header files and libraries needed to do
these types of tasks.

Install this package if you want to develop Python extensions.  The
python package will also need to be installed.  You'll probably also
want to install the python-docs package, which contains Python
Last changes:
June 17, 2022 Vladimir D. Seleznev 2.7.18-alt10
- Secutiry update (fixed: CVE-2015-20107).
- Fixed Url field.
March 12, 2022 Vladimir D. Seleznev 2.7.18-alt9
- Security update (fixed: CVE-2021-4189 and CVE-2022-0391);
- Fixed FTBFS against libexpat >= 2.4.5.
Oct. 8, 2021 Vladimir D. Seleznev 2.7.18-alt8
- Security update (fixed: CVE-2021-3733 and CVE-2021-3737).
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