Package fuse3: Information

Source package: fuse3
Version: 3.10.2-alt1
Build time:  Oct 7, 2021, 10:31 PM
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License: GPL
Summary: a tool for creating virtual filesystems
FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace), an excellent tool
for creating custom filesystems with minimal effort
as well as for using them.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
fuse3 (riscv64)
fuse3-debuginfo (riscv64)
libfuse3 (riscv64)
libfuse3-debuginfo (riscv64)
libfuse3-devel (riscv64)

Maintainer: Evgeny Sinelnikov

    1. meson
    2. ninja-build
    3. libudev-devel

Last changed

March 28, 2021 Evgeny Sinelnikov 3.10.2-alt1
- update to latest release requires by newest gvfs from gnome project (fixes: 39759)
March 28, 2021 Evgeny Sinelnikov 3.4.1-alt3
- update build with upstream history
Feb. 4, 2019 Rustem Bapin 3.4.1-alt2
- added fuserumount3 script
- added pre- and postinstall scriptlets that take account mode of already installed fuse package