Package installer-feature-pxeboot-stage3: Specfile

Name: installer-feature-pxeboot-stage3
Version: 0.3
Release: alt1

Summary: Installer stage3 PXE boot server hook
License: GPL
Group: System/Configuration/Other
Packager: Michael Shigorin <>
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: installer-common-stage3, rpcbind, tftp-server-xinetd, xinetd

This package contains PXE boot server tuning hook for installer stage3.

mkdir -p %buildroot


sed -i '/^[[:space:]]*in.tftpd:/d' /etc/hosts.allow
echo 'in.tftpd: ALL' >>/etc/hosts.allow

sed -i 's/^[[:space:]]*only_from[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*' /etc/xinetd.conf
chkconfig xinetd on
chkconfig tftp on

control rpcbind server


* Sun Nov 07 2010 Anton V. Boyarshinov <> 0.3-alt1
- use rpcbind instead portmap

* Wed Apr 08 2009 Dmitry V. Levin <> 0.2-alt1
- Rewritten from stage2 to stage3.

* Tue Apr 08 2008 Stanislav Ievlev <> 0.1-alt3
- use control to switch portmap service state

* Mon Mar 31 2008 Michael Shigorin <> 0.1-alt2
- noarch

* Tue Mar 11 2008 Michael Shigorin <> 0.1-alt1
- initial release based on common to several installer-*
  packages -- file location is the same thus this package conflicts
  with their current versions