Package libstfl0: Information

Source package: libstfl0
Version: 0.24-alt10
Build time:  Dec 2, 2023, 01:13 AM
Category: Terminals
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License: LGPLv3
Summary: library which implements a curses-based widget set for text terminals
STFL is a library which implements a curses-based widget set for text
terminals. The STFL API can be used from C, SPL, Python, Perl and Ruby.
The public STFL API is only 14 simple function calls big and there are
already generic SWIG bindings. Thus is very easy to port STFL to
additional scripting languages.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
libstfl0 (riscv64)
libstfl0-debuginfo (riscv64)
libstfl0-devel (riscv64)
perl-stfl (riscv64)
perl-stfl-debuginfo (riscv64)

    1. libncursesw-devel
    2. swig
    3. perl-Encode

Last changed

Sept. 24, 2022 Vladimir D. Seleznev 0.24-alt10
- Disabled ruby module (ALT#43862).
May 30, 2022 Pavel Skrylev 0.24-alt9
- !enable ruby module
- !fix build
Aug. 15, 2021 Vitaly Lipatov 0.24-alt8
- NMU: drop unused swig require, make interdeps more strong