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Source package: timidity-freepats
Version: 20060219-alt2
Build time:  Aug 25, 2023, 11:32 PM
Category: Sound
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License: GPLv2+
Summary: A set of sound fonts for use in audio synths
FreePats is a set of sound fonts for use in audio synths.

FreePats project is to create a free and open set of GUS compatible
patches that can be used with softsynths such as TiMidity and WildMidi.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
timidity-freepats (noarch)

Maintainer: Michael Shigorin

List of contributors:
Michael Shigorin

Last changed

April 17, 2011 Michael Shigorin 20060219-alt2
- fixed silly thinko spotted by shadowsbrother/
April 16, 2011 Michael Shigorin 20060219-alt1
- initial build for ALT Linux Sisyphus (closes: #25449)
  + based on Gentoo, Debian, MeeGo packages to some extent