Package libmysqlclient-devel

Binary package: libmysqlclient-devel
Version: 5.1.62-alt0.M60T.1
Architecture: x86_64
Build time:  Apr 24, 2012, 05:08 PM
Source package: MySQL
Category: Development/C
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License:  LGPL
Summary:  MySQL: Development header files and libraries
This package contains the development header files and libraries
necessary to develop MySQL client applications.

For a description of MySQL see the base MySQL RPM or
Last changes:
April 24, 2012 Michael Shigorin 5.1.62-alt0.M60T.1
- built for M60T
March 23, 2012 Michael Shigorin 5.1.62-alt1
- 5.1.62
- /dev/urandom tweaks
- spec cleanup
March 21, 2012 Michael Shigorin 5.1.61-alt2
- create /dev/urandom in chroot so SSL support actually works;
  thanks naf@ (closes: #27100)

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