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Maintainer: Anton Farygin

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [551]

package versions age Url Summary
GASNet 1.16.0-alt3 almost 10 years ago Network- and language-independent high-performance communication
ImageMagick over 4 years ago An X application for displaying and manipulating images
MySQL 5.1.62-alt0.M60T.1 almost 9 years ago MySQL: A very fast and reliable SQL database engine
SDL 1.2.14-alt6 almost 10 years ago Simple DirectMedia Layer
SimplePAMApps 0.60-alt29 over 10 years ago Simple PAM-based Applications
SpamOracle 1.4-alt1 over 11 years ago Spam filter
adns 1.4-alt2.qa2 almost 10 years ago GNU adns, an asynchronous DNS resolver
aeskulap 0.2.2-alt2.1.qa1 almost 10 years ago Medial image viewer for DICOM images
ale almost 10 years ago Combining multiple inputs representing the same scene
alsa-plugins 1:1.0.24-alt0.M60P.1 over 6 years ago Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) plugins
alt-gpgkeys 0.7.75-alt1 over 7 years ago ALT GnuPG keys
alterator-fbi 5.26-alt4.M60T.1 over 3 years ago alterator on rails
alterator-net-eth 4.15.2-alt1 over 9 years ago alterator module for tcp/ip connections configuration
alterator-packages 0.5.4-alt10 over 9 years ago Alterator module for packages installation/removal
alterator-x11 1.98.1-alt1 over 9 years ago alterator module for Xorg setup and configuration
alterator-zabbix-node 1.0-alt7 over 10 years ago Deployment tool for a Zabbix node
apache-mod_php5 almost 8 years ago The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with Apache
apache2 2.2.24-alt2.M60T.1 almost 8 years ago The most widely used Web server on the Internet
apache2-mod_perl 2.0.4-alt1.1 over 10 years ago an embedded Perl interpreter for the Apache2 Web server
apache2-mod_php5 almost 8 years ago The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with Apache2
apr1 1.4.6-alt0.M60T.1 over 8 years ago Apache Portable Runtime
aprutil1 1.5.1-alt0.M60P.1 about 8 years ago Apache Portable Runtime Utility shared library
aqemu 0.8-alt1.qa1 almost 10 years ago QEMU GUI written in Qt4
arpsend 1.2.2-alt1 about 12 years ago arpsend - tool for network diagnostics and testing
arpwatch 2:2.1a15-alt7 almost 11 years ago Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on the network
ataidle 2.5-alt1 about 10 years ago Utility to sets the idle timer on ATA hard drives
audacious-plugins 3.3.4-alt0.M60P.1 over 7 years ago Plugins for Audacious
audit 2.0.6-alt1 about 10 years ago User space tools for 2.6 kernel auditing
augeas 0.8.0-alt1 about 10 years ago A library for changing configuration files
autologin 1:1.0.0-alt6 about 10 years ago Automatically log in
autotrace 0.31.1-alt2.4 over 10 years ago Bitmap to vector graphics converter
avidemux-qt 2.5.6-alt0.M60P.2 about 8 years ago Avidemux is a graphical AVI files editor
barcode 0.98-alt5.qa1 about 11 years ago Utility to generate printable barcodes in PostScript format
bird 1.4.3-alt0.M60P.1 almost 7 years ago BIRD Internet Routing Daemon
blender 2.62-alt0.M60P.2 over 8 years ago 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
bonnie 1.4-alt3 about 13 years ago Unix filesystem performance benchmark
btrfs-progs 0.19-alt3 about 10 years ago Utilities for managing the Btrfs filesystem
c-ares 1.7.4-alt1 about 10 years ago A library that performs asynchronous DNS operations
calibre 0.7.50-alt2 almost 10 years ago A e-book library management application
camlmix 1.3.0-alt1 over 12 years ago Generic preprocessor for OCaml program with embedded text.
camlp5 5.08-alt1 almost 13 years ago preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml
checkpolicy 2.0.23-alt1 about 10 years ago This package contains the checkpolicy policy compiler, which is needed to compile policies to the binary form used by the kernel
chicken 4.1.0-alt2 over 11 years ago CHICKEN is a simple Scheme-to-C compiler
chrony 1.24-alt1 about 11 years ago Chrony clock synchronization program
collectd 5.1.0-alt4.M60P.1 over 8 years ago (Multi-)System statistics collection
conntrack-tools 0.9.15-alt1 over 10 years ago Tool to manipulate netfilter connection tracking table
cppcheck 1.47-alt1 about 10 years ago A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpufrequtils 008-alt1 over 10 years ago Tools to determine and set CPUfreq settings
csync2 1.34-alt6.r409.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago Csync2 is a cluster synchronization tool
cuneiform 1.0-alt2 about 10 years ago Cuneiform is an OCR system originally developed and open sourced by Cognitive technologies.
cups 1.5.4-alt0.M60P.3 almost 8 years ago Common Unix Printing System - server package
curl 7.24.0-alt1.M60P.1 over 7 years ago Gets a file from a FTP, GOPHER or HTTP server
dansguardian over 11 years ago Content filter
davfs2 1.4.6-alt2 almost 10 years ago Linux file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server as a local file system.
dbus 1.4.18-alt1 about 9 years ago D-BUS is a simple IPC framework based on messages.
dcmtk 3.5.4-alt3.1 about 10 years ago DCMTK - DICOM Toolkit
ddcprobe 3.0-alt1 over 11 years ago Tool for reading EDID from DDC
devil 1.7.8-alt1.1 almost 10 years ago Cross-platform image loading and manipulation toolkit.
dhcp_probe 1.3.0-alt1 almost 12 years ago Tool for discover DHCP and BootP servers
djvu 3.5.22-alt1.1 almost 10 years ago DjVu viewers, encoders and utilities
dmidecode 2.11-alt1 about 10 years ago Dmidecode is a tool for dumping a computer's DMI table
dosfstools 3.0.11-alt1 over 9 years ago Utilities to create and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems
dvdauthor 0.7.0-alt1 over 10 years ago set of tools to author a DVD
dvdbackup 0.4.1-alt1 over 11 years ago DVD-copy tool
dvdstyler 2.1-alt0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago dvdstyler is a crossplatform DVD Authoring System
dvgrab 3.5-alt1 about 11 years ago A program to copy Digital Video data from a DV camcorder
efibootmgr 0.5.4-alt1 almost 13 years ago EFI Boot Manager
etcnet 0.9.10-alt5 almost 11 years ago /etc/net network configuration system
etcskel 2.0.13-alt1 about 10 years ago ALT Linux default files for user's home directories
ethtool 1:2.6.33-alt0.1 about 11 years ago Ethernet settings tools for network cards
facile 1.1-alt1 over 12 years ago Constraint programming library
fail2ban 0.8.4-alt4 over 10 years ago Fail2Ban is an intrusion prevention framework
fbreader 0.12.10-alt3 almost 10 years ago E-Book Reader
fcgiwrap 1.0.3-alt1 over 10 years ago Simple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts
ffmpeg 1:0.6-alt5.M60T.1 about 8 years ago Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder (compat package)
ffmpeg2theora 0.26-alt1.0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago Theora video encoder using ffmpeg
ffmpegthumbnailer 2.0.4-alt1.2.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago Lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
filesystem 2.3.8-alt1 about 10 years ago The basic directory layout for a GNU/Linux system
finger 1.3-alt1.0 almost 14 years ago Show user information (client)
firmware-iwl4965 2: over 10 years ago firmware for Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN Network Connection Adapter
firmware-linux 20130423-alt1 almost 8 years ago git:// Firmware files used by the Linux kernel
flac 1.2.1-alt9 almost 10 years ago Free Lossless Audio Codec
flashrom 0.0-alt0.1 about 12 years ago Universal flash programming utility
fprintd 0.4.1-alt0.M60P.1 over 8 years ago D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access
free-sa 1.6.2-alt3 almost 12 years ago Squid report generator per user/ip/name
freeipmi 1.0.3-alt2 almost 10 years ago GNU FreeIPMI - Intelligent Platform Management System
freeswitch 1.2.3-alt0.M60P.1 over 8 years ago FreeSWITCH open source telephony platform
fribidi 0.19.2-alt1 almost 10 years ago Bi-directional scripts support
fuse-encfs 1.7.2-alt1.2 almost 10 years ago Encrypted pass-thru filesystem for Linux
gcompris 9.6-alt1.qa1 almost 10 years ago Educational suite for kids 3-10 years old
gdm 2.32.2-alt1.M60T.2.M60P.1 about 4 years ago The GNOME Display Manager
getstream 20100816-alt1.1 over 9 years ago DVB to multicast streamer
gfxboot 4.3.8-alt1 almost 10 years ago Graphical boot logo for lilo, grub and syslinux.
ghc-dataenc almost 10 years ago Data encoding library
ghc-deepseq over 9 years ago ??? Fully evaluate data structures
ghc-hslogger 1.1.4-alt1 almost 10 years ago Versatile logging framework
ghc-stm almost 10 years ago Software Transactional Memory
gimp 2.8.0-alt0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago The GNU Image Manipulation Program
gmerlin 1.0.0-alt0.M60P.1 almost 9 years ago Base library for gmerlin applications
gmic almost 10 years ago G'MIC is an interpreter of image processing macros

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