Package adobe-flash-player

Source package: adobe-flash-player
Version: 24-alt0.M70P.1
Build time:  Dec 16, 2016, 02:29 PM
 in the task #174387
Copied in the task: #174499
Category: Networking/WWW
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License:  Adobe
Summary:  Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player 24 (Macromedia Flash)
Fully Supported: Mozilla 1.0+, Netscape 7.x, Firefox 0.8+
Partially Supported: Opera, Konqueror 3.x

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List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
mozilla-plugin-adobe-flash (x86_64, i586)
Maintainer: Sergey V Turchin
List of contributors: 
Sergey V Turchin
Alexey Gladkov

ACL: Sergey V Turchin, @everybody
Last changes:
Dec. 15, 2016 Sergey V Turchin 3:24-alt0.M70P.1
- new version
- security fixes:
  CVE-2016-7867, CVE-2016-7868, CVE-2016-7869, CVE-2016-7870,
  CVE-2016-7871, CVE-2016-7872, CVE-2016-7873, CVE-2016-7874,
  CVE-2016-7875, CVE-2016-7876, CVE-2016-7877, CVE-2016-7878,
  CVE-2016-7879, CVE-2016-7880, CVE-2016-7881, CVE-2016-7890,
Nov. 9, 2016 Sergey V Turchin 3:11-alt68
- new version
- security fixes:
  CVE-2016-7857, CVE-2016-7858, CVE-2016-7859, CVE-2016-7860,
  CVE-2016-7861, CVE-2016-7862, CVE-2016-7863, CVE-2016-7864,
Oct. 27, 2016 Sergey V Turchin 3:11-alt67
- new version
- security fixes: CVE-2016-7855

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