Package augeas

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Name: augeas
Version: 0.8.0
Release: alt1
Summary: A library for changing configuration files

Group: System/Configuration/Other
License: LGPLv2+
Source: %name-%version.tar
Patch: %name-%version-%release.patch

BuildRequires: readline-devel libselinux-devel gnulib flex perl-podlators ruby-stdlibs
Requires: vim-common

A library for programmatically editing configuration files. Augeas parses
configuration files into a tree structure, which it exposes through its
public API. Changes made through the API are written back to the initially
read files.

The transformation works very hard to preserve comments and formatting
details. It is controlled by ``lens'' definitions that describe the file
format and the transformation into a tree.

%package -n lib%name-devel
Summary: Development files for %name
Group: Development/C
Requires: lib%name = %version-%release

%description -n lib%name-devel
The %name-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use %name.

%package -n lib%name
Summary: Libraries for %name
Group: System/Libraries

%description -n lib%name
The libraries for %name.

%setup -q
%patch -p1

./bootstrap --gnulib-srcdir=/usr/share/gnulib
%configure --disable-static


%make check


%files -n lib%name

%files -n lib%name-devel

* Fri Feb 25 2011 Slava Dubrovskiy <> 0.8.0-alt1
- New version
- Fix bootstrap for make shared lib gnulib
- Use system gnulib
- Enable tests and fix it
- Build with libselinux support

* Thu Dec 02 2010 Anton Farygin <> 0.7.4-alt1
- new version

* Wed Nov 24 2010 Igor Vlasenko <> 0.7.3-alt1.1
- repair after perl 5.12 upgrade using girar-nmu

* Fri Oct 01 2010 Anton Farygin <> 0.7.3-alt1
- new version

* Mon Nov 09 2009 Anton Farygin <> 0.5.3-alt1
- first build for Sisyphus
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