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Maintainer: Eugeny A. Rostovtsev

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [1601]

package versions age Url Summary
xdrfile 1.1.1-alt2.qa1 about 8 years ago Reading and writing trr and xtc files
xdtv 2.4.1-alt11.cvs20080708.12.3 over 8 years ago XdTV is a software to record & watch TV
xerces-j29 0:2.9.1-alt5_2jpp6 about 8 years ago Java XML parser
xfdiff 4.5.0-alt4.2.qa1 about 8 years ago Patch Manager and Difference Viewer
xfe 1.32.3-alt1.qa2 about 9 years ago MS-Explorer or Commander like file manager for X
xine-ui 0.99.6-alt1.1 over 8 years ago Video Player
xjump 2.7.5-alt2 over 9 years ago Jump-jump game for X
xli 1.17.0-alt8.1 over 8 years ago X11 Image Loading Utility
xmds 1.6-alt4 about 10 years ago xmds - an extensible multi-dimensional simulator for PDEs (Partial Differential Equations) and ODEs
xmedcon 0.10.5-alt5.2 over 8 years ago A medical image conversion utility and library
xmlrpc-c 1.27.0-alt1.svn2145 over 9 years ago XML-RPC C library - an implementation of the xmlrpc protocol
xmlto 0.0.25-alt1 over 9 years ago A tool for converting XML files to various formats.
xmms 20100727:1.2.11-alt10 almost 9 years ago X Multimedia System - the player for you
xmms-fmradio 1.5-alt1.qa2 about 9 years ago FMRadio plugin for xmms
xmms-imms 20110327:3.0.2-alt6.1 almost 9 years ago Intelligent Multimedia Management System
xmodmap 1.0.6-alt1.1 almost 9 years ago utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X
xmoto 0.5.9-alt1.2 over 8 years ago A challenging 2D motocross platform game.
xmrm 2.0-alt6.1 over 8 years ago Multi Resolution Morphing for X
xneur 0.15.0-alt1.1 about 9 years ago X Neural Switcher
xneurchecker 0.4-alt2 over 8 years ago LibXNeur commandline ool
xorg-xcbproto-devel 1.8-alt1 over 8 years ago XML-XCB protocol descriptions
xpa 2.1.14-alt1 almost 9 years ago The XPA Messaging System
xpdf 3.03-alt1 almost 10 years ago Portable Document Format (PDF) suite
xplanet 1.2.2-alt1.qa1 about 8 years ago OpenGL based planet renderer
xpr 1.0.4-alt1 about 9 years ago Dump an X window directly to a printer
xpybind 0.8.0-alt2.1.qa1 about 8 years ago bind X11 Window System key sequences to Python functions
xqf 1.0.5-alt2.1.qa1 about 8 years ago X11 QStat Frontend
xrandr-daemon 0.1.0-alt2 about 9 years ago X session daemon that controls screen orientation listening to ContextKit and DBus events
xsane 0.998-alt2.2 over 8 years ago XSane is a graphical frontend for scanners. It uses the library SANE
xscript 5.63-alt24.8 about 8 years ago XScript is xml-based application server written in C++.
xtrkcad 4.0.3a-alt1.1 about 9 years ago XTrkCad Model Railroad CAD
xu4 1.1-alt2_0.19.20120106svn2999 over 8 years ago Ultima IV recreated
xulrunner 31.0-alt0.M70P.1 almost 7 years ago XUL Runner
xword 1.0-alt1.2.1 over 9 years ago Xword is a GNOME crossword puzzle program
xye 0.12.1-alt1.1 over 8 years ago Puzzle game that reproduces and extends Kye
xylib 1.1-alt1 over 8 years ago Library for reading x-y data
y12m 1.0-alt5 about 10 years ago Solution of Large and Sparse Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations
yafaray 0.1.1-alt2.2 over 8 years ago YafaRay is a raytracing open source render engine
yaws 1.92-alt1 over 9 years ago Yaws webserver virtual package
yodl 1:3.00.0-alt1.qa1 about 8 years ago Yet oneOther Document Language
youtube-dl 2016.01.31-alt1 over 5 years ago Download videos from YouTube
zarafa 7.1.11-alt0.M70P.2 about 6 years ago Server program for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
zarafa-webapp 7.0.8-alt1 almost 9 years ago New and improved WebApp for the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
zaz 1.0.0-alt1.qa1 about 8 years ago A puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets.
zbar 0.10-alt6 about 8 years ago A library for scanning and decoding bar codes
zephulor 0.9a-alt5.1.1 over 9 years ago Zephulor - game written in Python
zeromq 3.2.2-alt1 over 8 years ago a software library that lets you quickly design and implement a fast message-based application
zhu3d 4.2.2-alt1.1 over 9 years ago OpenGL-based equation viewer and solver
ziproxy 3.2.0-alt1.1 over 8 years ago Ziproxy is a forwarding (non-caching) compressing HTTP proxy server.
zoneminder 1.27.0-alt1.M70P.1 about 7 years ago A camera monitoring and analysis tool
zoom 1.0.5-alt2.1 over 8 years ago Z-Machine: it plays text adventure games written in ZCode
zsnes 1.51-alt7 over 7 years ago Super Nintendo emulator
zynaddsubfx 2.4.1-alt2.1.qa1 about 8 years ago zynaddsubfx is a open source software synthesizer
zziplib 0.13.62-alt1 over 9 years ago Lightweight library to easily extract data from zip files

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.