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Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [6411]

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AriaMaestosa 1.4.6-alt1 almost 9 years ago Aria Maestosa is an opensource (GPL) midi tracker/editor
GMT 5.1.1-alt2_0.M70T.1 over 7 years ago Generic Mapping Tools
X-multiseat-preinit 0.02-alt1 almost 13 years ago Preinitialize multiple video cards before dm service.
adcli 0.7.6-alt0.M70P.1 about 6 years ago Active Directory enrollment
adns 1.4-alt2.qa2 over 10 years ago GNU adns, an asynchronous DNS resolver
altlinux-freedesktop-menu 0.65-alt1 over 8 years ago Implementation of the menu specification
altlinux-menus 0.6.0-alt1 over 9 years ago ALT Linux menu
altlinux-mime-defaults 0.29-alt0.M70T.1 about 7 years ago System-wide MIME preferences.
altlinux-repolist-utils 0.003-alt1 over 3 years ago map src/bin names and files in ALTLinux repos using src.list/bin.list
antlrworks 1.4.3-alt1_8jpp7 almost 9 years ago Grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars
apache2-mod_auth_pam 1.1.1-alt3.qa1 over 8 years ago PAM authentication module for Apache
archivemount 0.6.1-alt2_11.qa1 over 8 years ago FUSE based filesystem for mounting compressed archives
asoundconf 0.1-alt1 over 7 years ago Command-line Python utility to select the default ALSA sound card
asoundconf-gtk 1.6-alt1.1.1 about 10 years ago Applet to select the default ALSA sound card
autorepo-altnode-admin-scripts 0.05-alt1 over 3 years ago admin scripts for an automated packaging node
autorepo-altnode-config 0.13-alt1 almost 4 years ago automated packaging node common configs
autorepo-altnode-repocop 0.24-alt1 over 3 years ago repocop scripts for an automated packaging node
autorepo-scripts 0.606-alt1 over 3 years ago common scripts for an automated packaging node
avrdude 5.11.1-alt1 almost 10 years ago AVRDUDE is software for programming Atmel AVR Microcontrollers.
bonnie 1.4-alt3.qa1 over 8 years ago Unix filesystem performance benchmark
cdogs-sdl 0.4-alt4_11 almost 9 years ago C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up
cgal 4.2-alt1 over 8 years ago Easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms
chromaprint 1.1-alt0.M70P.1 almost 8 years ago Library implementing the AcoustID fingerprinting
colordiff 1.0.13-alt1_2 almost 9 years ago Color terminal highlighter for diff files
cpan2rpm 2.028-alt3 about 10 years ago cpan2rpm - A Perl module packager
dansguardian over 9 years ago Content filter
ddccontrol 0.4.2-alt16.20120904gitc3af663d almost 9 years ago Control your monitor by software using the DDC/CI protocol
debian2spec 1.07-alt3 about 11 years ago converter of debian source directory to RPM specfile format
devhelp 3.8.2-alt1 over 8 years ago Developer's help program
distrodb-static-altlinux-sisyphus 0.01-alt1 over 5 years ago altlinux-sisyphus DistroDb database static part
distrodb-utils 0.20-alt1 almost 4 years ago utils for managing Distrodb databases
distromap-fedora-rawhide-altlinux-sisyphus 0.428-alt1 over 3 years ago fedora-rawhide-altlinux-sisyphus DistroMap database
distromap-mageia-cauldron-altlinux-sisyphus 0.032-alt1 over 3 years ago mageia-cauldron-altlinux-sisyphus DistroMap database
distromap-suse-default-altlinux-sisyphus 0.032-alt1 over 3 years ago suse-default-altlinux-sisyphus DistroMap database
docbook-style-xsl 1.78.1-alt1 over 8 years ago Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook XML
eigen2 2.0.17-alt1 over 9 years ago Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra
emacs-base 0.0.7-alt1 about 14 years ago Common site start scripts for GNU Emacs
environment-modules 3.2.10-alt1_4 over 8 years ago Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment
evince 3.8.2-alt2.1 over 8 years ago A document viewer
evolution 3.8.4-alt1 over 8 years ago Integrated GNOME mail client, calendar and address book
exfat-utils 1.0.1-alt1 over 8 years ago Utilities for exFAT file system
exodusii 5.14.0-alt7.git20120917 almost 9 years ago A model developed to store and retrieve transient data for finite element analyses
fakenes 0.5.9-alt0.5.beta3 over 9 years ago Nintendo Entertainment System emulator
festival 2.0.95-alt3 almost 9 years ago general multi-lingual speech synthesis system
festlex_CMU 2.0.95-alt1 over 11 years ago CMU Americal English Lexicon for Festival
festlex_POSLEX 1.95-alt1 about 15 years ago Lexicon for English part of speech tagging
festvox_cmu_us_awb_arctic_hts 1.96-alt1 almost 15 years ago Festival voice: Scottish English Male speaker, HTS based, "awb"
festvox_cmu_us_awb_cg 2.0.95-alt1 over 11 years ago Festival voice: US English male speaker, Clustergen, "awb"
festvox_cmu_us_bdl_arctic_hts 1.96-alt1 almost 15 years ago Festival voice: US English male speaker, HTS based, "bdl"
festvox_cmu_us_jmk_arctic_hts 1.96-alt1 almost 15 years ago Festival voice: Canadian English Male speaker, HTS based, "jmk"
festvox_cmu_us_rms_cg 2.0.95-alt1 about 11 years ago Festival voice: US English male speaker, Clustergen, "rms"
festvox_cmu_us_slt_arctic_hts 2.0.95-alt2 over 11 years ago Festival voice: US English female speaker, HTS based, "slt"
festvox_kallpc16k 1.95-alt1 about 15 years ago Festival voice: American English male speaker (KAL, 16KHz sampling)
festvox_msu_ru_nsh_clunits 0.5-alt1 almost 13 years ago Festival voice: a clustergen voice for Russian Language.
festvox_nitech_us_arctic_hts_voices 2.0.95-alt1 about 11 years ago Festival voices: HTS VOICES (use Nagoya Institute of Technology's HTS based synthesizer)
fheroes2 20130303-alt1.svn3061 over 8 years ago Free implementation of Heroes of the Might and Magic II engine
file-roller 3.8.4-alt1.M70P.1 over 7 years ago An archive manager for GNOME
findbugs 0:1.3.9-alt2_5jpp6 about 9 years ago Bug Pattern Detector for Java
flobopuyo 0.20-alt4_11 over 8 years ago 2-player falling bubbles game
fonts-otf-comic-neue 2.2-alt1_3 over 5 years ago A typeface family inspired by Comic Sans
fonts-ttf-apanov-edrip 20100430-alt2_7 over 7 years ago A decorative contrast sans-serif font
fonts-ttf-baekmuk 2.2-alt2_39 about 6 years ago Free Korean TrueType fonts
fonts-ttf-lklug 0.6-alt3_9.20090803cvs almost 9 years ago Fonts for Sinhala language
fonts-ttf-oxygen 5.4.3-alt1_1 about 6 years ago Oxygen fonts created by the KDE Community
fonts-ttf-paktype-ajrak 4.1-alt1_3 over 7 years ago Fonts for Arabic from PakType
fonts-ttf-paktype-naqsh 4.1-alt1_3 over 7 years ago Fonts for Arabic from PakType
fonts-ttf-paktype-naskh-basic 4.1-alt1_4 over 7 years ago Fonts for Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Sindhi from PakType
fonts-ttf-paktype-tehreer 4.1-alt1_3 over 7 years ago Fonts for Arabic from PakType
fonts-ttf-sazanami 0.20040629-alt8_22 over 7 years ago Sazanami Japanese TrueType fonts
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable 0.5.0-alt2_9 almost 7 years ago Thai TrueType fonts
frozen-bubble 2.2.0-alt2 about 9 years ago Frozen Bubble arcade game
fuse-zfs 0.7.0-alt1_20 about 7 years ago ZFS ported to Linux FUSE
gcal 3.6.2-alt1_4 almost 9 years ago GNU Gregorian calendar program
gdcm 2.2.3-alt2.M70P.1 about 8 years ago DiCoM is a C++ library for DICOM medical files
gear-cronbuild 1.38-alt1 almost 4 years ago gear repository automated build utility
gear-uupdate 0.24-alt1 almost 4 years ago Helper utility to be called by uscan for gear repository update
geomview 1.9.4-alt4.qa3 over 9 years ago geomview -- interactive geometry viewing program
girar-nmu 1.52-alt0.M70T.1 over 3 years ago git.alt client utilities for NMU automation
gnome-control-center 3.8.6-alt0.M70P.1 about 8 years ago GNOME Control Center
gnome-system-monitor 3.8.2-alt1 over 8 years ago Simple process monitor
gnumeric 1.12.7-alt1 over 8 years ago A full-featured spreadsheet for GNOME
gnustep-ShengGuang 2006-alt4.M70T.1 almost 8 years ago Library used by MusicBox for audio control
gnustep-sqlclient 1.7.0-alt2.svn20130910.M70T.1 almost 8 years ago Provide a simple interface to SQL databases for GNUstep applications
gpodder 3.1.2-alt1 over 9 years ago podcast receiver/catcher in PyGTK
gpsbabel 1.3.6-alt2.qa1 over 8 years ago A tool to convert between various formats used by GPS devices
gradle 1.0-alt1_8jpp7 almost 9 years ago Groovy based build system
gshhg-gmt-nc4 2.3.0-alt1_1 over 7 years ago Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Geography (GSHHG)
gucharmap 3.8.2-alt1 over 8 years ago gucharmap is a featureful Unicode character map
hasher 1.3.26-alt1 about 9 years ago Modern safe package building technology
hasher-rich-chroot 0.02-alt1 over 3 years ago hasher chroot environment for productive work
homebank 5.0.3-alt0.M70P.1 over 6 years ago Free easy personal accounting for all!
icewm-startup 0.16-alt0.M70T.1 about 6 years ago simple pluggable IceWM autostart manager
inn 2.4.5-alt5 about 9 years ago The InterNetNews (INN) system, an Usenet news server
jack-audio-connection-kit 1:1.9.7-alt1.1 about 10 years ago The Jack Audio Connection Kit
java-common 1.5.0-alt1 almost 10 years ago Common files for Java runtimes
jitsi 2.8.5426-alt0.M70P.1 over 6 years ago Multiprotocol (SIP, XMPP/Jabber, ecc.) VoIP and instant messaging software
jpicedt over 8 years ago Interactive picture editor for LaTeX and PSTricks.
jsoncpp 0.6.0-alt0.0.M70P.2 almost 8 years ago JSON library implemented in C++
kcheckers 0.8.1-alt3.qa1 over 8 years ago Classic boardgame - checkers
kde4-analitza 4.12.2-alt0.M70P.1 over 7 years ago Mathematical features

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