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  • 0.60-alt33.M70C.1
  • 0.60-alt29.M60C.1
Group :: System/Base
Source RPM: SimplePAMApps
· SimplePAMApps-0.60-alt33.src.rpm (md5: ad4f70c841ceef7587914067867a7749)74.7 KB
· login-0.60-alt33.x86_64.rpm (md5: 6a396bfba9026e69b2f6ecdd3668a6da)22.7 KB
· login-debuginfo-0.60-alt33.x86_64.rpm (md5: 0e9b4061b0e3eb247ca0f8ebb2d66f7b)44.3 KB
· su-0.60-alt33.x86_64.rpm (md5: e33fdaa727926c7e2ac6e11d06a822da)23.5 KB
· su-debuginfo-0.60-alt33.x86_64.rpm (md5: fef4654ba8e3fce082d68cec1de48728)45.7 KB
· login-0.60-alt33.i586.rpm (md5: 5addb77106df59d0ee90e670413ed49d)22.3 KB
· login-debuginfo-0.60-alt33.i586.rpm (md5: 9cbf5b3bd9d97fed875474a5d8bbeed5)43.5 KB
· su-0.60-alt33.i586.rpm (md5: 528f063ea5466357cda78e75aa2a24b1)23.1 KB
· su-debuginfo-0.60-alt33.i586.rpm (md5: 5911c76d77c1493de7de515b746dd6d4)44.6 KB
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.