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  • 1.4-alt3.qa1
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  • 1.4-alt3.qa1
  • 1.4-alt3.qa1
  • 1.4-alt3.qa1
Group :: System/Kernel and hardware
Source RPM: bonnie
Current version: 1.4-alt3.qa1
Built: about 8 years ago
Size: 22.2 KB
Repocop status: skip
Home page:

License: Artistic
Summary: Unix filesystem performance benchmark

bonnie is a classic file system and storage device benchmark. It tests
for linear character-based and block-based reads and writes, and the
rewrite pattern. It also does a seek test. While other benchmarks do
more sophisticated tests, bonnie is a very reliable and portable program
that is suitable for basic testing. Optionally, you can test the
operations with direct I/O (O_DIRECT on Linux).

Current maintainer: Victor Forsiuk

List of contributors:
ACL: List of rpms provided by this srpm:
  • bonnie
  • bonnie-debuginfo
Recent changes (last three changelog entries):

2013-04-15 Dmitry V. Levin 1.4-alt3.qa1

    - NMU: rebuilt for debuginfo.

2008-02-18 Victor Forsiuk 1.4-alt3

    - Include sys/user.h for PAGE_MASK definition due to unexported
      asm/page.h in glibc-kernheaders-2.6.18-alt4.

2007-04-13 Victor Forsiuk 1.4-alt2

    - Fix "License:" value: license is Artistic, not just distributable.
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.